Before you can fight for the future, you have to fight the past

A three-time award-winning best dramatic feature about an inner-city teen's unlikely bond with a homeless ex-boxer.


“Shadow Fighter” a movie with a message, let’s teens know they have a choice to opt out from the peer pressures of drug dealers and users. The inner-city action-packed Drama was created and co-written by Steve Daron (Hollow Creek, Bus Driver, Swiped) and was inspired by experiences in his life. Shadow Fighter is a story that erases prejudice through human love and needs. It shows you never know who can get you through your toughest times in life. Steve Daron was inspired by Burt Reynolds during their 10 plus years working together to continue making his own films while he was also acting. Mr. Reynolds was delighted to play the rugged boxing trainer “Paddy Grier” Daron considers it a privilege to have his mentor in the film

The movie was directed by Alyn Darnay, who after directing several Lifetime movies was looking for a project that presented a heartfelt story, that also carried with it a beneficial impact on a serious problem within our society today. Darnay realized “Shadow Fighter” with it’s intense yet positive focus on teenage drug addiction was just such a project. Darnay noted, “It has all the elements that audiences react to on a visceral level; challenge, youth, identity, loss pressure, single parenting, criminal activity, addiction, & and most notably the virtue of sports”. Then Daron and Darnay began selecting a cast of actors that were affected or touched in some way by the drug problem itself. Darnay then focused on bringing each actor into an organic and emotionally honest state that interfaced with the challenges created by the storyline and character circumstances. Darnay enjoyed the creative focus on set from cast and crew alike. It all worked so well as we became a tight-knit family that endures to this day. I am very proud of this film and the audience response has been overwhelming. “ShadowFighter” has won best Dramatic feature at Ft.Lauderdale International Film Festival, Studio City International Film Festival, and Kapow Film Festival.


Steve Daron

Burt Reynolds

Omar Brunson

Cristina Figarola

Michael Christopher Rodney

Chase Victoria

Shana Eva

Izzy Mertinez

Miguel Suarez

Mitch Lemos

Dyah Ali Davis

Courtney Dlugos